Bubble Nation, Red Sea Mall – Jeddah

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It always is a good idea to catch up on a refreshing cold drink bubbling with colours and prepared with a dash of some fruit flavors  Of course, because nothing can beat a good cold drink after a day of shopping, hanging out, and doing some serious work. It is true that a cold beverage is likely to put everything straight, from your mood to quenching your thirst. Therefore, trust me, we would not judge you if you plan to just go to a nice parlour that serves just the right kind of drinks and beverages, instead of going to a fancy food restaurant.

In case, you are actually looking for a nice place to have a fruity and a bubbly drink, Bubble Nation Jeddah has to be the place where you should drop to. Although, fruity drinks are one of the favourite drinks served at this restaurant, Bubble Nation also serves a range of hot beverages as well.

When it come to talking about beverages and the people of Jeddah, it would not be wrong to say that the whole of Jeddah wakes up with a hot sip of tea made with Middle Eastern flavours. Therefore, Bubble Nation Jeddah, while keeping this fact in mind, has come up with a number of tea featuring beverages including the very Asian, Chai Tea, and Tea with a hint of cinnamon.

In case, you are a tea lover, but after spending the whole day in the heat of Jeddah, you are wishing to have a tea drink that would actually refresh you while quenching your thirst, at the same time, flavored teas have to be the thing that you should look for. Featuring a range of flavors of both ice and milk teas, you can never run out of choices. Moreover, the fruity drinks are always a great option to refresh yourself as you take in a huge sip of the flavorsome drinks.

And that is not all, did you know you can actually eat your drinks at Bubble Nation? No kidding, at this amazing cold spot, your drink have an extra special ingredient – gummy bear textured pearls! These are basically jelly like edible fruit flavored chewies added to your drink. Therefore, with every sip, you are not only likely to take in your drink but also these chewy jellies. This is one reason why this place is especially popular among the kids as well as the elders.

If you are done with all the dine in experiences and are looking for a refreshing break from all the formal dining restaurants in Jeddah, Bubble Nation has to be the place for you! Take some time out from your busy everyday routine and indulge in the bubble drinks available at this parlour.



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